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Manufacturer responsibilities

Manufacturers and other companies which place space and water heating products anywhere on the market within the EU must meet the following requirements.

Manufacturers must:

  • Test and CE mark all products covered by the Ecodesign regulations
  • Provide a printed label for all products with capacities up to and including 70kW and display this label with all products for sale e.g. in a show room.
  • Make available a technical product fiche to customers and dealers.
  • Provide information on energy class in advertisments and technical promotional material.
  • Make available electronic versions of the energy label and product fiche to dealers/wholesalers.
  • Display the energy label and product fiche when products are sold on the internet. TF or some types of heater, promotional materials for certain heaters affected by climatic variations must include the seasonal space heating energy efficiency class (and water heating energy efficiency class) under average climate conditions.

Energy labelling requirements for water heating products

Energy labels for water heating products must show:

  • Brand and model
  • Water heating function/storage function
  • Water heating/storage efficiency class
  • Rated heat output
  • European climate zone (for solar and heat pumps)
  • Sound power level indoors (and outdoors for heat pumps)
  • If the product has the ability to operate only during off-peak times (between 22:00 and 7:00).

As with space heating, the energy class of a water heating product relates to its seasonal energy efficiency, ranging from A (best) to G (worst).

Energy labelling for hot water storage tanks 

Energy labels for hot water storage tanks show their energy class, based upon the standing heat losses, ranging from A to G.

Hot water storage energy label


Energy labelling for combination products 

Product  labels for space and water heaters must include elements of both. As low temperature heat pumps cannot be labelled as combined space and water heating products such combinations will only have one scale - for medium temperature applications. The combination label displays the heat pump and system energy label rating when used against the defined hot water profile. An allowance for booster heating is also incorporated within the calculation when it is required.

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