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Glossary of Terms

Climate zones


In the context of package label obligations, the ‘dealer' is ‘a retailer or other person who sells, hires, offers for hire-purchase or displays products to end users' and in the UK will typically be an installer.

Energy class

This provides an indication of energy efficiency of a product or package. The format for heat generators and packages will be ‘A++ to G' and for controls it will be ‘I -VIII'.

Energy label

Annotated energy label

Energy labelling tool

This is provided by the European Commission and can be accessed via

Heat pumps

Heat pump space heater. Means a space heater using ambient heat from an air source, water source or ground source, and/or waste heat for heat generation; a heat pump space heater may be equipped with one or more supplementary heaters using the Joule effect in electric resistance heating elements or the combustion of fossil and/or biomass fuels.

Hot water cylinders

These are cylinders (vented and unvented) for storing domestic hot water.

Mandatory Energy Label

Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) No 811/2013
Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) No 812/2013


This is one of a defined combination of heating products that is supplied to an end customer and is intended to be used within the same heating system.

Package label

This is a label in the format defined within the regulations which must be supplied when a package is sold to end customer.

Product label

This is supplied by the manufacturer of any product within the scope of the regulation and which provides information about the energy performance of that product.

Product fiche

A product fiche is a table of technical information that a manufacturer of a heating or hot water product is required to provide.

Solar device

Solar device means a solar-only system, a solar collector, a solar hot water storage tank or a pump in the collector loop, which are placed on the market separately.

Solar thermal collector

This is a solar thermal panel (flat plate or vacuum tube).

Solar thermal cylinder

This is a hot water cylinder with at least tow heating coils one of which is specifically for connection to a solar thermal collector.


Suppliers is a generic term used within the regulations to include manufacturers, importers merchants and installers.


Generally refers to a central heating system or in some cases a solar water heating system.

Temperature control

Temperature control means the equipment that interfaces with the end-user regarding the values and timing of the desired indoor temperature, and communicates relevant data to an interface of the heater such as a central processing unit, thus helping to regulate the indoor temperature(s).

Water heater

Water heater means a device that:

(a) is connected to an external supply of drinking or sanitary water;

(b) generates and transfers heat to deliver drinking or sanitary hot water at given temperature levels, quantities and flow rates during given intervals; and

(c) is equipped with one or more heat generators.

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