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Renewable Heat Incentive and the Renewable Heat Premium Payment

  • Financial support for generating renewable heat
  • Most renewable heating products included
  • Should be available from 2011
  • Must use a MCS registered installation company
  • Support heating at all scales, domestic and commercial

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) will provide financial support for those who install renewable heating.


You buy the heating product and get it installed. You will then be paid a set amount per kwh you are estimated to use. The payments will continued for a pre set period.

Currently the technologies that are covered by the scheme are: air and ground-source heat pumps, solar thermal, and biomass boilers.

Initial consultations suggested that those installed after 15th July 2009 would qualify. This could be subject to change.

You must use an MCS registered installer and product in order to qualify for the scheme, this will also apply to retrospective applications.


You must be MCS registered in the technology fitted in order for the customer to be able to claim the RHI.

Full details on the scheme should be released early summer for a launch in August.


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