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Vokera Boiler Manuals

Below is a list of Vokera's installation manuals. Click on the link to access the manual. If the boiler manual you are looking for is not listed please contact Vokera direct on 0844 391 0999

Current Product Literature:

Linea One Combi Boilers

Linea HE Combi Boilers (28HE/32HE/36HE)

Unica HE Combi Boilers (28HE/32HE/36HE)

Unica BHE Balcony Combi Boilers (32BHE)

Compact A Combi Boilers (25A/29A)

Compact HE Combi Boilers (25HE/29HE/35HE)

Mynute HE Sealed System Boilers (12HE/15HE/20HE/25HE/30HE/35HE)

Mynute VHE Open Vent Boilers (12VHE/15VHE)

Mynute Open Vent Boiler (20VHE)

Mynute EHE Sealed System Boiler (25HE) Ireland Only

Linea Max HE Flr Standing Combi Boiler (28HE)

CondexaPRO Light Commercial Boilers (50M 100M 100S)

Zenith Solar Thermal Collectors (On Tile)

Zenith Solar Thermal Collectors (Inset)

Zenith Solar Thermal Collectors (Evacuated Tube)

Neutro Biomass Pellet Boiler (14kW)

Aria Air Source Heat Pump (6.8kW/8.3kW/11.0kW)

AquaNova Water Heater (28kW)

AquaFlow Water Cylinder (Single Coil)

AquaFlow Water Cylinder (Twin Coil)

OpenTherm Control (611)

Outside Weather Compensation Control

411 Programmable Room Thermostat (411)


Discontinued Product Literature

20 80 CF & 24 96 Flowmatic

20 80 RS Flowmatic

20 80 RSS Flowmatic

24 96 RSE Flowmatic

Eclipse ESC

Eclipse ESS

Elidra 24 96 AGM

Excell 80E 96E (Old Hydraulics)

Excell 80E 96E (New Hydraulics)

Excell 80SP (Old Hydraulics)

Excell 80SP (New Hydraulics)


Linea 24 28

Linea Max SE

Linea Plus AG

Maxin 24e 28e

Mynute 10e 14e 20e

Mynute 10SE 14SE 20SE

Mynute 28SE

Mynute 12 48 RS

Mynute 12 48 RSE

Mynute 14 48SE, 20 70SE

Mynute 14 48SP

Mynute 28 96SE


Pinnacle 16 & 26

Synergy (B)

Synergy e 25 & 29 (A)

Syntesi 25 & 29 (B)

Syntesi e 25 & 29 (A)

Linea 7

Compact SE

Mynute 28E 35E

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