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Glow-worm Boiler Manuals

Below is a list of Glow-worm's installation manuals. Click on the link to access the manual. If the boiler manual you are looking for is not listed please contact Glow-worm direct on 01773 824639

For the full page that lists Glow-worms boilers please click on this link:

Click on to the boiler type you require and the boiler make.

Combination Boilers

Open Vent Boilers

System Boilers

System Store Boilers

  • Ultrapower sxi


Discontinued Boilers

30ci plus (3.39 Mb)
Compact 75E (1.17 Mb)
Compact 80E (1.25 Mb)
Compact 100E (1.17 Mb)

CXI Range (3.86 Mb)

Energysaver 40 (742 Kb)
Energysaver 60 (737 Kb)
Energysaver 80 (769 Kb)
Energysaver Combi 80 (1.02 Mb)
Energysaver Combi 100 (1.02 Mb)
Energysaver combi and gas valve
Energysaver combi 2 and gas valve

Glow-worm cxi and gas valve
Glow-worm hxi and gas valve
Glow-worm sxi and gas valve

Hideaway 40 BF (418 Kb)
Hideaway 50 BF (416 Kb)
Hideaway 60 BF (427 Kb)
Hideaway 70 BF (464 Kb)
Hideaway 80 BF (570 Kb)
Hideaway 100 BF (446 Kb)
Hideaway 120 BF (446 Kb)
Hideaway 40 CF (398 Kb)
Hideaway 50 CF (399 Kb)
Hideaway 60 CF (408 Kb)
Hideaway 70 CF (467 Kb)
Hideaway 80 CF (455 Kb)
Hideaway 100 CF (447 Kb)
Hideaway 120 CF (457 Kb)

23c (2.79 Mb)
HXI Range(3.34 Mb)
SXI Range(3.50 Mb)

Micron 30FF (1.30Mb)
Micron 40FF (1.41Mb)
Micron 50FF (1.73Mb)
Micron 60FF (1.73Mb)
Micron 70FF (2.23Mb)
Micron 80FF (2.21Mb) 

Ultimate 30BF (577 Kb)
Ultimate 40BF (575 Kb)
Ultimate 50BF (574 Kb)
Ultimate 60BF (574 Kb)
Ultimate 40CF (519 Kb)
Ultimate 50CF (517 Kb)
Ultimate 60CF (521 Kb)
Ultimate 30FF (1.05 Mb)
Ultimate 40FF (1.43 Mb)
Ultimate 50FF (1.45 Mb)
Ultimate 60FF (1.04 Mb)
Ultimate 70FF (1.37 Mb)
Ultimate 80FF (1.37 Mb)
Ultimate 100FF (1.74 Mb)
Ultimate 120FF (1.74 Mb)
Ultracom cx
Ultracom cxi
Ultracom sxi

Xtramax (3.38 Mb)
Xtrafast (1.84 Mb)

Discontinued Back Boilers

BBU 45/4 (1.56 Mb)
BBU 54/4 (1.56 Mb)
Glow-worm 45/2 Back Boiler Unit Installation & Servicing Manual
Glow-worm 56-2 Back Boiler Unit Installation & Servicing Manual
Glow-worm 56/3 Back Boiler Unit Installation & Servicing Manual
Glow-worm 56/3e Back Boiler Unit Installation & Servicing Manual
Inset 40BBU Installation & Servicing Manual
Inset BBU50 Installation & Servicing Manual

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